Last night, we gathered around the campfire with our friends ZeroOne Paz, Morgana Neruda, Mari Asturias (also Deld and vez, but they left before we got started) to tell a group ghost story. It got really fun(ny): ๐Ÿ™‚

[22:43] ZeroOne Paz: hey, do you guys know any ghost stories?
[22:44] Deld Berzin: i got one
[22:44] Bombi Zeluco: hmmm, lno ghost stories here
[22:44] ZeroOne Paz: ooh, nice kitty ears!
[22:44] Aenea Nori: lol
[22:44] Aenea Nori: bombi’s back, and the kitty comes out to play ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:44] Bombi Zeluco: LOL
[22:55] Morgana Neruda: tell us a ghost story Z
[22:55] Mari Asturias: yea Z….. you keep asking to hear one…
[22:55] Mari Asturias: OR… better yet
[22:55] Mari Asturias: just … start it….
[22:56] ZeroOne Paz: Winnamuca Man!
[22:56] Morgana Neruda: we can add sentences
[22:56] Mari Asturias: LOL
[22:56] vez Rich: lol a group story
[22:56] ZeroOne Paz: It was the summer of 1967
[22:56] ZeroOne Paz: in the mountains of King County
[22:58] ZeroOne Paz: we go around to the left
[22:58] Mari Asturias: ok… when you’re done with your part… say pass at the end
[22:58] ZeroOne Paz: so, did you all get the beginning?
[22:59] Mari Asturias: so…it was the summer of 1967 in the mountains of king county
[23:02] ZeroOne Paz: do you want to join us? We’re making up a story
[23:07] ZeroOne Paz: ok, Bombi – you’re on!
[23:07] Bombi Zeluco: me? ok
[23:07] Bombi Zeluco: a group of friends prepare to camp out for the night,
[23:08] Bombi Zeluco: meanwhile not to far away from there …
[23:08] Bombi Zeluco: pass
[23:08] Aenea Nori: on a lonely pass in the mountains
[23:08] Aenea Nori: a beaten old pickup truck passes a large, lumbering hitchhiker on the side of the road
[23:08] Aenea Nori: covering him in a cloud of dust
[23:08] Aenea Nori: pass
[23:09] Mari Asturias: Silas looke back in his rear view mirror
[23:09] ZeroOne Paz: don’t stop Silas!!
[23:09] Morgana Neruda pokes Z with her elbow lol

[23:09] Mari Asturias: he sighed… he was already running late and the last thing he wanted to do was spend time with some ramble-mouth hitchiker
[23:10] Mari Asturias: he looked at his dog…. and jasper looked back at him
[23:10] Aenea Nori: (wow, mari’s good ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:10] Mari Asturias: Silas slowed and turned the truck around.. it was a long way down the mountain
[23:10] Bombi Zeluco: she is!
[23:11] Mari Asturias: Silas leaned across the seat… “Hey…. need a ride?”
[23:11] Mari Asturias: Jasper growled softly and whined….
[23:11] Mari Asturias: pass
[23:11] ZeroOne Paz: we’re telling a group story
[23:12] Mari Asturias: pass… to Morgana!
[23:12] Morgana Neruda: the scragly man slowly lifted his head, the first thing Silas noticed was the yellow of his eyes starting intently back at him
[23:12] ZeroOne Paz: ooooh!
[23:13] ZeroOne Paz: hit the gas buddy!!
[23:13] Morgana Neruda: the man seemed to look surprised at fist , but quickly recovered and his face once again turned grave
[23:14] Morgana Neruda: have a seat, said Silas, patting the seat beside him. It was then that Silas truly appreciated the size of the stranger as he filled up the whole half of the cab.
[23:14] Morgana Neruda: pass
[23:15] ZeroOne Paz: the lone hitch hiker had an earthy smell
[23:17] ZeroOne Paz: after months of wandering through the mountains, surviving on a diet of the lichen growing on the pines and redwoods
[23:18] ZeroOne Paz: his stained lips slightly glowed in the dark
[23:18] ZeroOne Paz: pass
[23:18] Morgana Neruda: oo!
[23:19] Bombi Zeluco: feeling his hunger growing, he gives a side glance to jasper
[23:19] Morgana Neruda: ^^
[23:19] Bombi Zeluco: who tries to hide under the seat
[23:20] ZeroOne Paz: not easy for a golden retriever
[23:20] Bombi Zeluco: the hitchhiker smiles. and (what has his name?)
[23:20] Bombi Zeluco: Syder?
[23:20] Aenea Nori: silas
[23:20] Mari Asturias: we don’t know yet
[23:20] Mari Asturias: Silas is the pickup driver
[23:20] Bombi Zeluco: asks , “so where are you going pal?”
[23:20] ZeroOne Paz: silas is the dumb ass driver
[23:20] Aenea Nori: lol
[23:21] Morgana Neruda: hahaha
[23:21] Bombi Zeluco: the hitchiker appears to be on trance looking at jasper, but snaps
[23:21] Bombi Zeluco: after hearing silas and says
[23:21] Bombi Zeluco: pass
[23:21] Mari Asturias: lol
[23:21] Morgana Neruda: oo ! this is good
[23:21] ZeroOne Paz: the mustard please
[23:21] Morgana Neruda: lol
[23:22] ZeroOne Paz: Aenea’s turn
[23:22] Aenea Nori: he grunts, “Just up the road a ways… I’m going to be meating some friends.”
[23:22] Bombi Zeluco: lol meating ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:22] Morgana Neruda: right
[23:22] Aenea Nori: silas nods slowly, glances at Jasper nervously
[23:23] Aenea Nori: and turns the truck around to continue on his way.
[23:23] ZeroOne Paz: don’t hurt the doggie!
[23:23] Aenea Nori: Meanwhile, back at the clearing, six college kids are having a kegger in the forest — the only way to not get into trouble in this neck of the woods
[23:24] Bombi Zeluco: the doggie is the hero
[23:24] Morgana Neruda: ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:24] ZeroOne Paz: ah
[23:24] Aenea Nori: Chloe, a cute coed, slips off into the woods with her boyfriend Jed, giggling and pullking him along by the hand.
[23:24] ZeroOne Paz: uh oh
[23:25] Aenea Nori: (always need a cute coed in a ghost story ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:25] Aenea Nori: pass!
[23:25] Morgana Neruda: its a rule *nods*
[23:25] Mari Asturias: Silas and the stranger had been driving about 10 minutes when the stranger pointed to a side road on the right
[23:25] ZeroOne Paz: are you there, Mari?
[23:26] Mari Asturias: Just down there, the stranger said… Can ya take me?
[23:26] Mari Asturias: Silas considered…. Jasper was actually abit formidable when attacked…
[23:27] Mari Asturias: Silas turned the pick up off the main road .. the tires crunched slowly over the rutted forest side road
[23:27] ZeroOne Paz: ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:28] Mari Asturias: up ahead he could see a bonfire or two.. .. looked like a group of folks…. Silas breathed a sigh of relief
[23:28] Mari Asturias: “Here” said the stranger….. Silas stopped the truck and the stranger got out.. no thanks .. no nothing… he just trudged down the road a bit and turned off into the woods
[23:29] Mari Asturias: strange, thought Silas as he backed up.. He was actually a bit relieved…
[23:29] Mari Asturias: He waited by the main road as a logging truck and another walmart semi went by
[23:29] Mari Asturias: just as he was ready to turn back onto the main road, he heard a sound
[23:30] Aenea Nori: oo!
[23:30] Mari Asturias: back by the campfires…
[23:30] Mari Asturias: pass
[23:30] Morgana Neruda: Silas shook his head, was he imagining things, was that a scream?
[23:30] ZeroOne Paz: yay!!!
[23:31] Morgana Neruda: for minutes that seemed like hours he stared out the windshield, contimplating his choices
[23:31] Aenea Nori drops her s’more into the campfire!
[23:31] ZeroOne Paz: lol
[23:31] Morgana Neruda: he looked into the face of his kindly dog for reassurance and speaking out loud he said to his dog…
[23:31] Morgana Neruda: I shoud go back shouldnt I?
[23:32] Aenea Nori: nooo!!!
[23:32] Morgana Neruda: lol
[23:32] Morgana Neruda: gathering his courage he decided to slip from his truck and just investigate, maybe he just heard a strange bird, surely that was it
[23:33] Morgana Neruda: his feet crunched on the leaves as he tip toed closer the source of the glowing bonfires, he couldnt hear a sound…
[23:33] Morgana Neruda: he listened harder…nothing
[23:33] Morgana Neruda: pass
[23:34] Morgana Neruda: psst Z i forgot the dog
[23:34] Aenea Nori: that’s cheating!
[23:34] ZeroOne Paz: Then Jasper, who was a talking dog said “Frankly, Silas, I don’t think this is a prudent course of action!”
[23:35] Mari Asturias: LOL!!!
[23:35] Morgana Neruda: laughs!
[23:35] Aenea Nori: “and my name’s Sherman!”
[23:35] Morgana Neruda: lol
[23:36] ZeroOne Paz: Silas, straining to see ahead to the folks around the campfire, suddenly blanched!
[23:37] ZeroOne Paz: BLOOD! EVERYWHERE!
[23:37] ZeroOne Paz: pass
[23:37] Aenea Nori: urg
[23:37] Morgana Neruda: that guys fast
[23:37] Aenea Nori: lol
[23:37] Bombi Zeluco: Silas screams and starts running, not really paying attention where he’s going
[23:38] Bombi Zeluco: Jasper runs behind him
[23:38] Aenea Nori: (shouldn’t that be chloe’s line? ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:38] Bombi Zeluco: but stops to mark a tree
[23:38] Morgana Neruda: lol
[23:38] Bombi Zeluco: its a dog after all
[23:38] ZeroOne Paz: lol
[23:38] Aenea Nori: lol
[23:38] Mari Asturias: laughing
[23:38] Aenea Nori: even a talking dog needs to mark his territory ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:38] Bombi Zeluco: silas crashes into some bushes
[23:38] Bombi Zeluco: and falls down
[23:38] ZeroOne Paz: crash!
[23:38] ZeroOne Paz: oof!
[23:39] Mari Asturias: nice
[23:39] Bombi Zeluco: he gasps as he sees right infronto of him …
[23:39] Bombi Zeluco: a BUTT!!!
[23:39] Morgana Neruda: oh!
[23:39] Bombi Zeluco: is chloe
[23:39] Bombi Zeluco: on top of her boyfriend
[23:39] ZeroOne Paz: eeewwww! is it attached?
[23:39] Aenea Nori: lol
[23:39] Mari Asturias: a dismembered butt? (can that be done?.. is it possible?)
[23:39] Bombi Zeluco: pass
[23:39] Morgana Neruda: lol
[23:39] Aenea Nori: hmm
[23:40] Aenea Nori: this story is taking a dangerous turn
[23:40] Aenea Nori: he trips over the couple, who are clearly distracted by something else
[23:41] Aenea Nori: as he picks himself up off the ground, he hears Jasper whimper softly
[23:41] Aenea Nori: “what is it, boy?”
[23:41] Aenea Nori: as he leans closer, something seems wrong, very wrong
[23:41] Aenea Nori: he pulls a book of matches out of his pocket, and strikes one…
[23:42] Morgana Neruda: oh no
[23:42] Morgana Neruda covers her eyes
[23:42] Aenea Nori: in the sudden flare of the match, to his horror he sees that Chloe and Jed have been impaled by a huge stake, right through the middle of their romantic encounter!!
[23:42] Bombi Zeluco: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
[23:42] Aenea Nori: he gasps!!
[23:42] ZeroOne Paz: ugh!
[23:43] Morgana Neruda: gulps
[23:43] Aenea Nori: …
[23:43] Aenea Nori: suddenly, Jasper barks!
[23:43] Aenea Nori: and Silas hears the snik of a large blade behind him
[23:43] Aenea Nori: pass!
[23:43] ZeroOne Paz: he must be too scared to talk!
[23:43] Mari Asturias: Silas threw the match down and dove to the left
[23:44] Mari Asturias: he scrambled on his belly under a large thicket of blackberries
[23:44] ZeroOne Paz: ow
[23:44] Bombi Zeluco: ouch
[23:44] Mari Asturias: fortunately for Silas, despite the fact he blanched earlier (and that was no small feat mind you)
[23:44] Aenea Nori: lol
[23:44] Morgana Neruda: ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:45] Mari Asturias: he was actually darker than a double shot espresso.. which was now working in his favor
[23:45] Aenea Nori: hahahah
[23:45] Mari Asturias: jasper was out there looking for him
[23:45] Mari Asturias: Silas could hear him running toward him
[23:45] Mari Asturias: Damn! thought Silas.. not the time for a dog to be loyal
[23:46] Mari Asturias: Silas willed himself to melt into the ground
[23:46] Mari Asturias: suddenly he felt extremely cold all over
[23:46] Mari Asturias: Silas yelped … over and over…. and then … all was still….
[23:46] Mari Asturias: pass
[23:46] Mari Asturias: I MEAN JASPER
[23:46] Morgana Neruda: Silas??
[23:46] Bombi Zeluco: oh noooo!
[23:46] Mari Asturias: JASPER YELPED>>>
[23:46] Morgana Neruda: ok
[23:46] Mari Asturias: sorry
[23:47] Morgana Neruda: my dog! Silas heart skipped a beat
[23:47] Morgana Neruda: his mind in a whirl, Jasper tried to think
[23:48] Bombi Zeluco: is a thinking talking dog
[23:48] Morgana Neruda: Silas is so confused right now
[23:48] Mari Asturias: LOL
[23:48] Aenea Nori: which is why his real name is sherman ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:48] Bombi Zeluco: he can hear his dog thoughts
[23:48] Morgana Neruda: what should he do, part of him wants to race away as fast as he can , but what of Sherman?
[23:49] Morgana Neruda: is it too late
[23:49] Aenea Nori: lol
[23:49] Morgana Neruda: slowly , cautiously he rises to a crouch and bends his ear towards the deep forest
[23:49] Morgana Neruda: thump thump his heart in his throat
[23:50] Morgana Neruda: he desides to make a dash for his truck and call to Sherman as he runs, not the wisest idea but he’s terrified
[23:51] Morgana Neruda: one , two, three, he’s about to dash when…
[23:51] Bombi Zeluco: sherman yells: “i told you a thousand times to call me Jasper!”
[23:51] Morgana Neruda: he feels lol
[23:51] Aenea Nori: lol
[23:52] ZeroOne Paz: <— waits till after his turn to go pee
[23:52] Morgana Neruda: he hears a whimper, Its Sherman Jasper!
[23:52] Bombi Zeluco: hold it Z!
[23:53] Morgana Neruda: gathering his courage , he must save his dog he turn toward the darkness and climbs into the bushes were he once came.
[23:53] Morgana Neruda: good thing he did, as out of the corner of his eye he catches the glint of metal
[23:53] Morgana Neruda: his keys!
[23:54] Morgana Neruda: they must have fallen out when he fell. he scoops them up and heads deeper into the forest
[23:54] Morgana Neruda: pass
[23:54] ZeroOne Paz: as he get’s back to the clearing… wtf!?!
[23:54] ZeroOne Paz: Jasper!!
[23:54] Morgana Neruda: lol
[23:55] ZeroOne Paz: there’s Jasper, snifffing the butt of the impaled girl
[23:55] Aenea Nori: ewwww!
[23:55] Bombi Zeluco: LOL
[23:55] Morgana Neruda: oh lol
[23:55] Mari Asturias rolls her eyes…. just like a dog
[23:55] ZeroOne Paz: Jasper looks up guiltily
[23:56] Mari Asturias: sorry folks .. gotta go
[23:56] Mari Asturias: sorry.. bye
[23:56] ZeroOne Paz: and says ” they call this dog style?? They were doing it all wrong!”
[23:56] Mari Asturias is Offline
[23:56] Morgana Neruda: i tell you how it ended
[23:56] Bombi Zeluco: LOL
[23:56] Aenea Nori: ok, this was the dangerous turn i mentioned ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:57] Morgana Neruda: haha
[23:57] ZeroOne Paz: pass and brb
[23:57] Morgana Neruda: ok
[23:57] Morgana Neruda: why did Sherman Jasper whimper?
[23:57] Bombi Zeluco: horniness
[23:57] Morgana Neruda: lol
[23:57] Morgana Neruda: perfect!
[23:57] Bombi Zeluco: suddenly, from behind the bushes
[23:57] Aenea Nori: and so the ghost story became a cyber sex adventure
[23:58] Aenea Nori: as they all must ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:58] Morgana Neruda: lol
[23:58] Bombi Zeluco: the stranger appears, holding an chainsaw on one hand
[23:58] Aenea Nori: yay chainsaw!!
[23:58] Morgana Neruda: ooo ๐Ÿ˜•
[23:58] Morgana Neruda: :/
[23:58] Bombi Zeluco: while munching on what appears to be a human head
[23:58] Aenea Nori: that’s why he’s so fast ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:59] Aenea Nori: lol
[23:59] Morgana Neruda whispers , gotcha
[23:59] Bombi Zeluco: he says “i see you have meat my friends too”
[23:59] Aenea Nori: lol!!!
[23:59] Morgana Neruda: lol
[23:59] Aenea Nori: fun with homonyms!! ๐Ÿ™‚
[23:59] Bombi Zeluco: silas and jasper look surprised
[23:59] Morgana Neruda: ๐Ÿ˜‰
[0:00] Bombi Zeluco: for a moment, but then start running in circles
[0:00] Bombi Zeluco: the stranger tryig to cut them with the chainsaw
[0:00] Bombi Zeluco: silas has an idea
[0:00] Morgana Neruda: ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:01] Bombi Zeluco: “what if I make it to the truck? and run him over” (how original)
[0:01] Bombi Zeluco: he says, Jasper, if you hold him for a bit I’ll give you a treat
[0:01] Bombi Zeluco: pass
[0:01] Aenea Nori: lol
[0:02] ZeroOne Paz: aaaaaah, back
[0:02] Morgana Neruda: welcome back
[0:02] Bombi Zeluco: did you wash your hands?
[0:02] Aenea Nori: but the huge hulking Winnamuca man saw that plan a mile away
[0:02] ZeroOne Paz: yes!!
[0:03] Aenea Nori: and meats ๐Ÿ™‚ Silas halfway to the pickup
[0:03] Bombi Zeluco: good, i don’t want you to talk to me with pee hands ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:03] Aenea Nori: swinging the giant chainsaw (ewww pee hands) with one massive hand, he cuts Silas in half
[0:03] Morgana Neruda: this is fun ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:03] ZeroOne Paz: how about my pea brain?
[0:03] Morgana Neruda: what?!
[0:03] Bombi Zeluco: i’m used to that
[0:03] Aenea Nori: sending the top of his torso flying in the air even as the legs continue running, just like a chicken’s body after it’s head’s been cut off
[0:04] Aenea Nori: blood spurts everywhere!!!
[0:04] Bombi Zeluco: lol, you killed him !
[0:04] Morgana Neruda: lol
[0:04] ZeroOne Paz: awwww! Now Jasper’s an orphan!
[0:04] Morgana Neruda: but remember he’s the hero of our story
[0:04] Aenea Nori: and the Winnamuca man grabs up handfuls of the blood to rub all over his body in a kind of orgiastic ritual
[0:05] Aenea Nori: ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:05] Morgana Neruda: that guy has got to go!
[0:05] ZeroOne Paz: wow! Sick!
[0:05] Aenea Nori: Jasper, thinking quickly, runs up behind the Winnamuca man, who had forgotten about the talking dog,
[0:05] Aenea Nori: and…
[0:05] Aenea Nori: pass
[0:05] Aenea Nori: ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:06] Morgana Neruda: and just as they neared the same bush that had once triped up his master, Jasper leaps onto the giant Winnamaca mans back!
[0:07] Morgana Neruda: The hulking mass of evil falls face down onto his chiansaw and is instantly chopped into bits (eh ๐Ÿ˜‰
[0:07] Bombi Zeluco: lol
[0:08] Aenea Nori: yay!!
[0:08] Aenea Nori: the chainsaw *was* the hero of the story!!
[0:08] Morgana Neruda: lol
[0:08] Aenea Nori: i love it when inanimate objects anthropomorphize ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:08] Bombi Zeluco: jasper hears a whimper coming from one of the tents
[0:09] Morgana Neruda: now what should Jasper do, and whats this?
[0:09] Bombi Zeluco: and he sees a cute poodle
[0:09] Morgana Neruda: another whimper!
[0:09] Aenea Nori: lol!!!
[0:09] Bombi Zeluco: running towards him
[0:09] ZeroOne Paz: Bombi doesn’t know how to take turns
[0:09] Bombi Zeluco: “my hero!!!”
[0:09] Aenea Nori: it’s after her bedtime ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:09] Morgana Neruda: he offers her a cigeratte and asks her if she knows how to drive… the end
[0:10] Bombi Zeluco: 9 minutes after my bed time
[0:10] Aenea Nori: lol
[0:10] Aenea Nori: like clockwork ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:10] ZeroOne Paz: ok!
[0:10] Aenea Nori: that was so much fun ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:10] ZeroOne Paz: that was good until I fucked it all up
[0:10] Aenea Nori: no!
[0:11] Morgana Neruda: you guys were good, I laughed so hard
[0:11] Aenea Nori: it got hilarious at the end ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:11] Bombi Zeluco: lol, why do you say that?
[0:11] Aenea Nori: especially the impaled couple ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:11] Bombi Zeluco: lol
[0:11] ZeroOne Paz: ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:11] Morgana Neruda: the butt!!!
[0:11] Aenea Nori: lol
[0:11] Aenea Nori: the disembodied butt
[0:11] ZeroOne Paz: do you think I grossed Mari out?
[0:11] Aenea Nori: lol
[0:11] Morgana Neruda: oh no!
[0:12] Aenea Nori: you mean with jasper/sherman sniffing chloe’s dead butt?
[0:12] Aenea Nori: probably not ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:12] Morgana Neruda: she loves this, im sure of it
[0:12] Morgana Neruda: that is so dog, you hafta admit ๐Ÿ˜‰
[0:12] Aenea Nori: true to character ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:12] Bombi Zeluco: yeh, that’s what they do
[0:12] Morgana Neruda: exactly
[0:12] ZeroOne Paz: we should do this more often
[0:12] Aenea Nori: lol
[0:13] Morgana Neruda: this is the first time in my life , ive heard of stories like this, thank you all ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:13] Aenea Nori: this was better even than gamelans the other night, z and morgana ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:13] Bombi Zeluco: well, it was a lot of fun, but I have to go to be d now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
[0:13] Aenea Nori: awww
[0:13] ZeroOne Paz: bye bye Bombi
[0:13] Morgana Neruda: yes, oh ok good night Bombi
[0:13] Bombi Zeluco grabs Aenea by the ear
[0:13] Aenea Nori: i’m going to tuck her in ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:14] Morgana Neruda: lol
[0:14] Bombi Zeluco: byes !
[0:14] Aenea Nori: which one? ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:14] Morgana Neruda: really
[0:14] Bombi Zeluco: of the four?
[0:14] ZeroOne Paz: bye Aenea
[0:14] Aenea Nori: yes :;)
[0:14] Aenea Nori: always a dilemma ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:14] Bombi Zeluco: hmmm, upper left
[0:14] Aenea Nori: yay!!
[0:14] Aenea Nori: i like that one ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:14] Morgana Neruda: lol
[0:14] Aenea Nori: ok, let’s go home ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:14] Aenea Nori: bye you two!
[0:14] Bombi Zeluco: byes !
[0:14] Morgana Neruda: good night guys ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:14] Aenea Nori: twas great fun ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:15] Aenea Nori: save the transcript for your grandkids ๐Ÿ™‚
[0:15] ZeroOne Paz: thanks!

PS – I edited it for context — we got interrupted a lot ๐Ÿ™‚