Oh, my word! I just about peed myself from this exchange:

[5:50] Cinnamon Coffee: wanna start a blog war?
[5:51] Sabrina Doolittle: Sure! I’ll start, you catch up!
[5:52] Cinnamon Coffee: your vagina smells like Cheeze Whiz!
[5:52] Cinnamon Coffee: like post a comment on one of my post or something
[5:52] Cinnamon Coffee: lol
[5:52] Cinnamon Coffee: a fake war
[5:55] Sabrina Doolittle: My vagina smells of ROSES AND KITTENS dammit
[5:56] Cinnamon Coffee: ewww
[5:56] Cinnamon Coffee: what are you stuffin’ down there>?
[5:57] Sabrina Doolittle: well, roses and kittens, obviously
[5:58] Cinnamon Coffee: its not a storage locker
[6:07] Sabrina Doolittle: really? because i keep all kinds of things in there. have I been doing it wrong?
[6:11] Cinnamon Coffee: well, try your anus too… im sure they don’t call you a fudge packer for nuthin’
[6:12] Sabrina Doolittle: strawberries. i keep my starberries up my arse.
[6:16] Cinnamon Coffee: ewww and you make like grape jelly from it… false advertising

Seriously. Sabrina (I ❤ her 🙂 ) wins for the comment at 6:07. She owes me dry cleaning money… 🙂 And also seriously, check out Fashion Victim — the SL fashion world was about due for a good skewering.