In what appears to be an elegy a continuing love note (darn big words) to new friends, I will now post about something that I’ve grown to love since Bombi first invited me several months ago, and that a recent search shows hasn’t been written up online.

Thursday evenings at the Bluffs in Lappet, my friends ZeroOne Paz and Morgana Neruda host a dance that has been DJed at least for the last two months by Ms. Hillary Melville, who has truly wonderful taste in music. The regulars who attend are wonderfully witty, deep and committed, and it’s always been a delightful evening for me.

In general, the project at the Bluffs is a wonderful thing, a labor of love for ZeroOne, trying to keep open spaces (as a nature preserve) while also promoting art in Second Life (the current exposition by mrY Tully is stunning – do not miss it). And, coincidentally, the talented Z is the composer of the soundtrack to the ZeroG Skydancers show I wrote up previously.

What’s really got me recently is that I found Hillary has been publishing her playlists as iMixes on iTunes. Ouch. Although I am now the owner of lots of wonderful new music — ouch 🙂

Since it’s so difficult to find these iMixes because of the way iTMS is organized, I wanted to publish this so that Hillary can get the love she deserves. Her mixes are heavily weighted to indie music and ranges from slow romantic songs to pop to something heavier, primarily by extraordinarily talented women or groups with female singers. She’s recently turned me on to amazing artists like Regina Spektor, Skye, Lamb, Si*Se, and Denali. (Although I promised last night that I wouldn’t buy anything more until she’s got her affiliate account set up — she deserves a commission for the sales she’s bringing in).

I tried to post a widget of her iMix for last Saturday (there was a special event for the opening of mrY’s art exhibit), but the best I can do is link to Hillary’s iMix for 10-Feb-07. From there you can see all iMixes by that user, and access the rest of her playlists (for a company so focused on UI, Apple didn’t do a particularly good job on the navigation of iMixes…).

I meant to take pictures at the dance last night to complement this post, but as you’ll see in my next post, last night I was a *bit* distracted 🙂 and only caught the last 20 minutes of the dance. Next week.