I say that in jest, of course, although *yum* on this pic. 🙂

) (Photo courtesy of Inc Magazine)

I found this interview with Philip Rosedale incredibly inspirational.

I don’t know if it’s been smoothed over — homogenized a bit — but I love the idea of how everything in his life built up to building Second Life.

I miss working in an environment where every day you’re just certain that you’re going to change the world. I guess it’s what I miss about the boom-boom days of the Internet. But it’s evident that that spirit lives on at Linden Labs, and that, beyond that, they actually *are* changing the world.

P.S. – Sorry for the long break between posts to my few, faithful readers. Work’s been hell and I’ve been spending *far* too much time in-world for this blog’s sake, oddly enough. 🙂