On the Second Life website you can download your Linden transaction history to an Excel file which will contain all of your transactions for the selected time period. Only the last 30 days are available online, so you have to remember to download at least once a month. (This is actually a really timely post, as today LL eliminated the transaction history from the SL client.)

So for the past couple of months I’ve been analyzing my Linden $ transactions, essentially balancing my checkbook. The truth of the matter is that originally, out of a sense of morbid curiosity, I wanted to find out how much I’ve paid Elika throughout my life 🙂 , but I started collecting my information too late. (It’s a lot, though 🙂 )

The transaction history contains a really intriguing track of my comings and goings, whom I’ve given inventory to or received it from, or how much I’ve spent on uploads or received in stipends. In a sense, it’s a diary of almost everything I’ve done or interacted with over the period of the history.

So I was wondering: How could I help people with real SL businesses use this information? It may seem an odd way to think, but in RL I’m a finance chick and a big Excel geek 🙂 , so I find these things interesting.

I remember Twiddler Thereian’s simple Excel tutorial many months ago, and I realized that there was *so* much more you could get out of the information in the transaction history. With the assistance of my friend Nadir Skolem‘s (owner of Simtropia and the Reforma sim) transaction history in order to have real purchase data to work with, I’m working to improve my basic spreadsheet with a bunch of views that should be really useful to SL businesses.

Would people find something like this interesting and/or useful? Please leave comments and let me know if I’m barking up the wrong tree here, or whether this is something that’s worth focusing on.