In which the word “mapping” gets verbed for SL… πŸ™‚

[Some context: The venerable Flaming Moe (named after the cocktail, not because he’s actually flaming or flammable or anything) TPs Mellow Poppy (who is neither mellow, nor poppy-like) (well, sorta poppy-like, i guess πŸ™‚ ) from her store to his store (wherein a large group of Idiots had congregated), a distance of just over 70 meters within Bali Hai. He then comments on his laziness in TPing her across a sim. She accuses him as follows:]

[23:41] Mellow Poppy: lol
[23:41] Mellow Poppy: you mapper!
[23:41] Flaming Moe: :/
[23:41] Flaming Moe: soz
[23:41] Nebulae Voom: what does a party smell like?
[23:41] Mellow Poppy: ha ha ha
[23:41] Mellow Poppy: :-p
[23:41] You: depends.
[23:41] Flaming Moe: well pretty bad if i’m in it
[23:41] Ron Carlos: Is that a SL insult if you call someone a mapper???
[23:41] Anakin Gallacher: yea, pretty much
[23:41] Flaming Moe: haha YOU DIRTY MAPPER
[23:41] Mellow Poppy: yes ron!
[23:42] Anakin Gallacher: lol
[23:42] Rihpez Ogg is a reformed mapper
[23:42] Mellow Poppy: you filthy fucking mapper
[23:42] Anakin Gallacher: nice nice
[23:42] Mellow Poppy: go to hell!
[23:42] Rihpez Ogg: which sim?
[23:42] Aenea Nori has no mapping privileges anymore
[23:42] Ron Carlos: damn mappers…..
[23:42] Mellow Poppy: lol
[23:42] Anakin Gallacher: awww NeeNee
[23:42] Mellow Poppy: that means you were once a mapper!
[23:42] Mellow Poppy: but born again
[23:42] You: yes πŸ™‚
[23:42] You: i learned my slesson πŸ™‚
[23:42] Anakin Gallacher: hehehe
[23:42] Flaming Moe: slesson
[23:42] Mellow Poppy: lol
[23:42] Anakin Gallacher: SLessons are good.
[23:42] Flaming Moe: lol
[23:42] Mellow Poppy: i’ll give you map rights!
[23:43] You: i’m a recovering mapper
[23:43] Rihpez Ogg: well.. I mean, I look on the map to see if anyone’s at the place I want to go to.
[23:43] Ron Carlos: I feel really mapped tonight
[23:43] You: lol
[23:43] You: map you, Ron!
[23:43] Anakin Gallacher Maps Ron
[23:43] Flaming Moe: yeah Ae, you can map me.
[23:43] Mellow Poppy: lol
[23:43] You: yay Moe!!
[23:43] Ron Carlos: you can all map off
[23:43] Anakin Gallacher: yea Ae Map everyone
[23:43] You: lol
[23:43] You: YES! YES! YES! YES!
[23:43] You: YES! YES! YES! YES!
[23:43] Anakin Gallacher: Moe I *had* mapping rights for you once I think
[23:43] Anakin Gallacher: :p
[23:43] Flaming Moe: and you have them again lad
[23:43] Anakin Gallacher: hehe
[23:44] Ron Carlos: nice mapping store Moe
[23:44] Anakin Gallacher: yea
[23:44] Nebulae Voom: dude, i’d let you map me, but last time was so messy…
[23:44] Nebulae Voom: you gotta clean up after yourself
[23:44] Anakin Gallacher: heheheh
[23:44] Mellow Poppy: if you love me you’ll give me map rights
[23:44] Anakin Gallacher: lol
[23:44] Anakin Gallacher: I just delete
[23:44] Anakin Gallacher: forget cleaning
[23:44] Ron Carlos: I need a drink and a good map
[23:44] Mellow Poppy: i’d let you map me but i’m too lazy to check the box
[23:44] Anakin Gallacher: lol
[23:44] Rihpez Ogg: you never map me like you used to
[23:44] Mellow Poppy: lol
[23:44] Anakin Gallacher: Maps pwn
[23:44] Mellow Poppy: yer good
[23:45] You: map ’em once, you’ve mapped em all
[23:45] Anakin Gallacher: yea
[23:45] Anakin Gallacher: it just gets you into trouble
[23:45] Mellow Poppy: map me once shame on you, map me twice shame on me
[23:45] Flaming Moe: once you go map, you never go back
[23:45] Ron Carlos: I prefer to be kissed before I get mapped
[23:45] Mellow Poppy: lol moe
[23:45] Nebulae Voom: heehee
[23:45] Anakin Gallacher: lol
[23:45] Rihpez Ogg: never been mapped?
[23:45] Mellow Poppy: ok that’s over now 😐
[23:45] Ron Carlos: I think I’m out of map jokes….
[23:45] Rihpez Ogg: lol.
[23:45] Rihpez Ogg: /hide in corner
[23:46] Anakin Gallacher: and pwned
[23:46] Flaming Moe: Maaaaaaaaaap for Sale……….
[23:46] Anakin Gallacher: lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllol
[23:46] Mellow Poppy: it’s over i said
[23:46] Anakin Gallacher: that was good tho
[23:46] Mellow Poppy: lol
[23:46] Nebulae Voom: it’s not over till the map lady sings.
[23:46] Anakin Gallacher: was it as good for you as it was 4 me?
[23:46] Flaming Moe: πŸ˜›
[23:46] Ron Carlos: it’s mapping over
[23:46] Mellow Poppy: lol
[23:46] Mellow Poppy: no
[23:46] Flaming Moe: i need a mapparette
[23:46] Anakin Gallacher: lol
[23:46] Anakin Gallacher: hehe
[23:46] Nebulae Voom: ok, now it’s over.
[23:46] Mellow Poppy: i lost my clap
[23:46] Anakin Gallacher: MOE PWN
[23:46] Anakin Gallacher: lol
[23:46] Flaming Moe: no really, i do
[23:47] Flaming Moe: lol
[23:47] You: seriously, this is a notecardable conversation πŸ™‚
[23:47] Anakin Gallacher: lol
[23:47] Mellow Poppy: yes!
[23:47] Anakin Gallacher: well NeeNee
[23:47] Flaming Moe: yeah and Bobby Millitello from Buffalo
[23:47] Anakin Gallacher: hehe
[23:47] Mellow Poppy: send me the notecard
[23:47] Anakin Gallacher: put in in yer proffy
[23:47] Mellow Poppy: yes its profile good!
[23:48] Anakin Gallacher: indeedylicious
[23:48] Ron Carlos: well it’s time…. see you guys later. I need my rest if I plan to do any mapping tomorrow.