Our neighbor was playing with mega-prims last night, rezzing a 100x100x100 mega-sphere, which he then distorted into a spiral. While truly impressive (I had my draw distance at 192m and I could see the prims clear over in the next sim), I was a little teed off that his mega-prim was crossing over into our sim and furthermore appeared to be causing some nasty lag in our sim (which fortunately never lags).

So I walked right over there (well, flew, because it was at 700m 🙂 ), and gave him a piece of my mind. When he didn’t remove his mega-prim, I pulled out a bazooka and blasted him to bits. Good think his sim was set for damage.

No, I didn’t do that. At all.

Instead, I flew over there, buzzed about like an annoying little gnat (it’s impressive what a mega-prim does to your sense of proportion), carefully took measurements to see how far into our plot he was, buzzed around some more (for emphasis — maybe he’d pick up my annoyed vibes!), and then went home.

Pathetic. Passive-aggresive much?
Yes, I know, I could just return his prims, but I don’t have permission to do that. 🙂

Well, it appears the annoyed buzzing worked, because a little later he shrunk his mega-prim somewhat, and that evening before I logged had derezzed it.

I’m going to play with mega-prims tonight… 😉