I have a couple machinima projects in the pipeline and I want to jot down the ideas. Sorry Internet, but sometimes I get to blog just for me, too.

(I really should do more of that — I have a bunch of things on my mind right now that I want to get out, but I’m intimidated about exposing my feelings to all of you guys. Yes, let’s all say it together: “Welcome to blogging, Aenea.”)

1. Promotional video for a friend (NS): Wants to showcase his sim, his business, and SL in general. I’m still waiting on a basic run-down of his expectations so I can start working on a visual idea and do a storyboard to time out the shots I need. Also, need to define music, and I probably need new editing software in order to put in the graphic overlays he requested.

    2. Ad for another friend’s business (MP): I have an awesome idea for an ad that would be super dynamic. I was building test set the other night and it looks great. I need some slow-mo anims tho to put into a posestand, and need to run a test of tracking shots to see if I get the images I have in mind. I’ll probably need to blur out the backgrounds to get a depth-of-field effect.

      3. Video #2 from Bethy and Aenea: I’m a lil bit nervous of the sophomore slump after all the coolness that happened after the first one. But I think that Bethy has a great idea, and that we can pull the pieces together. We need to scout locations, procure the costumes and anims, and see if we might need to build a set or something.

        4. Tutorial: I want to write another tutorial about the different machinima tools in SL: BijoCam, Filming Path (once they fix the llWarpPos bug — this is going to affect #2 as well :/); need to put up my CameraLock HUD too. Knowing what I now know about how long it took to write my basic machinima tutorial, this is going to have to wait for a few weeks while my schedule opens up. But the effort is worthwhile — it’s the post that’s generated the most and the most consistent traffic to this blog for the past two months, even if no one ever even comments to say thank you. 🙂

          YAY!! I feel useful 🙂