I have a new music pusher in-world.

My friend (and Ani’s sister) Christine Gallacher is well-connected in the music industry in U.K. and has great taste in music. She’s already introduced me to Amy Winehouse (via Ani), Nerina Pallot and KT Tunstall, and in one moment of maximal envy about a month ago over two days saw Amy live back-to-back with Rufus Wainwright.

Both Ani and Chris have recently recommended Damien Rice, who had passed me by for some reason. But anyone who can show this amount of passion in a performance:

… or who can be this soulful deserves a good listen:

And apparently I was the last person invited to the Mika party; what a great song! I’ve watched the video like five times today already:

Mika’s voice and the song’s rhythmic structure reminds me somewhat of Miranda!, an Argentine band that was the rage last year with their song, Don:

And finally, a track from Joss Stone’s new album:

A note: I have no way of testing if this post looks ok right now, as at work all of these videos are blocked… I trust that some kind soul will comment if this post is screwed up. 🙂