I’m an occasional poster to these not-a-meme things, thanks to Dixie Starr. I puzzled over an appropriate response to this one all morning.

The meme (#11 in the Not-A-Meme Challenge):

… for this not-a-meme challenge, I challenge you to reveal some of those secrets. Do confess! Which secrets, you say?
* A secret about your second life. Something you’ve kept hidden from the rest of us until now. Something only a few intimate Avie-friends, or maybe even no one knows about…
* A challenge for you to reveal a minor glimpse of what kind of person you are in first life.

While I have many secrets in both, I don’t particularly feel like sharing them in as open a forum as this. But after much thought, these are sufficiently inoffensive that I can contribute them to the world.

Second Life:

When I first came into SL, I explored most everything on the sordid side of this world. All the kinks, all the sex, all the deviations, and all the poseballs. I never found anything that made it worthwhile — it was so empty and meaningless.

So I said, “Meh.” I’ve been a prude ever since. (mostly 🙂 )

First Life:

I’m as tightly wound up in RL as I am laid back in SL. So I guess that explains why I enjoy my second life so much.