I know that this is not a political blog. It’s supposed to be about Second Life. But it’s also my own outlet for getting my feelings out, and I can’t be quiet about this.

From the International Herald Tribune:

There are the obvious risks of car bombs and snipers, which kill an average of 100 people a day, said the report of the [World Health Organization’s] Health Action in Crisis Group.

But beyond that, there are a host of more fundamental problems created by years of conflict: 80 percent of Iraqis lack access to sanitation, 70 percent lack regular access to clean water and 60 percent lack access to the public food distribution system, the report says.

As a result of these multiple public health failings, diarrhea and respiratory infections now account for two-thirds of the deaths of children under 5, the report said.

According to a 2006 national survey conducted by Unicef, 21 percent of Iraqi children are chronically malnourished, which puts them at risk for both stunted growth and mental development.


“There has been so much violence for so long that the result is inevitably this kind of complete social decay,” said Les Roberts, a principal researcher in a series of public health surveys on mortality among Iraqis.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says two million Iraqis have been “internally displaced” from their homes and another two million have left the country.

How is this not a form of mass-murder? How is what is happening there not a form of genocide? How can we continue to justify the suffering that the United States is inflicting on the Iraqis in this ill-guided war?

This is a humanitarian crisis that no reasonably moral person can stand by and let continue uncriticized.

I have no words.