Torley posted recently about an awesome new texture tool, called tFinder. This L$10 product will eventually be financed with interstitial advertising, which is at the moment thankfully unobstrusive.

I bought one recently, and then immediately bought another to give to a friend. The HUD basically listens for a search term, and then brings back freely available textures from its database of over 5000 textures that are classified with the requested keyword. I assume that tFinder’s programmer Cid Vila was responsible for classifying all of those textures, which must have been a monumental and unenviable task.

This is awesome for most casual building/texturing in world; obviously, getting into some serious shading work will always require careful planning and some Photoshop work.

I would love to see some sort of rating system added for the textures, so that if you search for “wood”, the 373 textures currently available are sorted from best to worst, in the opinion of the network of tFinder users (I know — how Web 2.0 of me). It would also be useful to be able to enhance the tagging on textures if you can come up with better/more descriptive words which will help users find what they’re looking for. And finally, I’d love to be able to search against multiple keywords simultaneously (“wood floor” or “white granite”).

I have to congratulate Cid — this is an awesome idea, well executed. I hope that he will continue building this incredible tool. In time, I’m sure the ad revenue will definitely make it worth his while if he can enhance the tFinder’s value to the user community.

(And I will make these suggestions to Cid — thanks for the obvious suggestion, Torley! 🙂 )