I have a love-hate relationship with Last Call; I love most of what Ginny puts out, and she takes away my lindens.

My latest mugging took place over the following outfit:

Last Call's Casablanca

I love this outfit! I think this is one of the best outfits I’ve seen lately; I haven’t even changed in three days, a world record for me.

I love the cut of the leather jacket, and it looks quite sexy without the tank top as well. The prim flares match perfectly, texture-wise, although I’ve always had an issue with leg attachments because of my muscular, size 62 legs. I’ve paired it with my Calla Lotus hair, which I love love love. I’m wearing the Choco-Bloo Bangles from turnstyle and a braided obsidian necklace from Shiny Things (can’t remember the name while I’m offline).

The lighting in the pic is coming entirely from my fireflies, which someday (when I finish working out the bugs — Get it? hahaha I kill myself!!) I will offer for sale in a hypothetical store.

How’s that for non-committal? 🙂