Lordfly Didgeridoo posted video of an amazing four-day marathon build session. An entire sim was used to mock up a construction project for a customer, based on the customer’s real-world site (see the Google Earth base texture on the sim?).

While most commented on their wish that build tools really worked that effectively in-world, I have to say that I’m in awe of Lordfly’s sense of spatiality to lay out the build and dimension its proportions correctly. I was also impressed with how effective a tool SL can be for architectural firms to create walk-throughs for customers, with the obvious differences for example of ceiling heights (avs are on average taller than real humans, and then the camera follows several additional meters above you).

As happens every time I see an artist at work, this made me want to get in-world and build. 🙂

This video reminds me of Robbie Dingo’s machinima of the creation of Suzanne Vega’s guitar for her in-world appearance last year… the speed at which the process is shown makes it look so easy…