For various and sundry reasons, I visited Galveston Island twice yesterday. The first time, I went to church;

Sacred Heart Church

much later that evening, to ride the log flume (twice, once with Ani and again with Astrin Few) at “Lafitte’s Lure”, the waterpark/carny built on the sim.

I’d been to the Galveston sim before, but only specifically to the music venues in the Balinese Room and the outdoor auditorium. But there’s real depth to the sim once you get around to exploring it, and the supposed similarity to reality makes me reevaluate my long-ago memories of Galveston (you know, from summer camp as a kid).

Sim owner Link Pippen has also done an excellent job of keeping the sim busy by using live music acts to keep the traffic up, one of whom is my friend Anakin Gallacher. Ani was the star of an interesting article today in the Galveston County Daily News. Ani’s been playing in Galveston for the past couple of months (as well as in every other venue in SL, it seems 😉 ), and packing ’em in, so to speak.

I do have to take exception with the writer’s description of Gershwin’s “Summertime” as “cloying”, though. 😉

You keep using that word. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Iñigo Montoya

And yes, I’m a word geek. I’m sorry.