I couldn’t wait to get on last night and try out the new sculptie prims. All day long I read through the sculptie FAQ, then downloaded Blender, got confused, and decided to wait on that particular idea. 🙂

The textures going around (and available on the SL Wiki here) allow you to quickly create an apple (the default sculptie shape when you rez a regular prim and change its prim type to Sculpted on the Objects tab), as well as a banana, a heart, a rounded-corner cube, an S-shape, and a few others.

Ani quickly got decorated with sculpties while AFK:

I did observe a weird alpha-glitch type error when rezzing the solid prims such as the rounded cube or that big, red heart (which I didn’t observe in the apple, though), where it appeared I was looking into the prim. The effect looked similar to that used for the cell shading effect in SL that got “fixed” in release 1.15; the exterior appeared to be transparent, and what I was seeing was the texture on the hollow interior of the prim. I couldn’t determine whether this may be due to the textures I used being from the beta grid; I applied the main grid UUID equivalents via llSetPrimitiveParams (as mentioned in the wiki) to be sure, and still saw the effect, so I’ll look around on the blogs to see if others saw the same effect.

While I will probably never be a particularly good 3D modeler to build these things, I can see that these would be efficient ways to build not-particularly-organic shapes as well. For example, to build a Luis Barragán or Legorreta-style wall (sorry, only example I could find on short notice), rather than using many many prims as would currently be necessary, you could model them as a sculptie all on one prim or several prims, with multiple hollows. I looked through the forums and saw several examples of people who had built square items (a table, for instance) which in theory prove this is possible.

I’m impressed at the activity surrounding the new type of prims; Bethy tells me that the excitement was similar when flexi-prims were released last year, with the difference that there were flexi items for sale already on the first day. A cursory search on the forums for something to buy last night didn’t turn up anything (we wanted to support the nascent sculptie economy 🙂 ), so we’ll have to wait.

I’m excited to see what truly creative people come up with when they set their minds to it. I’m sure that art in SL will change significantly; prim sculptures will look a great less cartoony, but I hope we don’t swing all the way over into “realism”.