Shot some video in Devil’s Moon last night with Bethy for another video… this one will be simpler than A Public Affair, but I still have to edit the audio track down in Audacity so it won’t be overlong. So in the sense that every film is a learning experience, for this one the learning bit will be about getting a tight edit of the song.

I generally love my Filming Path, but sometimes it’s so frustrating to use; there are just so many moving pieces. Also, trying to set up waypoints correctly and getting a shot before a sim’s auto-return deletes them adds new excitement and stress to the whole process. ๐Ÿ™‚

After the critiques I got at Machinima Premiere, I wanted to try something more ambitious, but I know myself: if I waited for something more ambitious to come together (story, script, cast, custom anims, etc.), I’d never produce anything… so it’s just as well that Bethy got me off my butt and shooting again.