Friday night was absolutely wonderful!

Well, except for the part during which SL didn’t allow any of us to log in, and I almost cried because I was going to miss my party, and then people showed up late… We were flooded with Skype IMs and emails of people who were trying to log in but couldn’t. But aside from that, it was an absolutely magical evening. 🙂

I logged in almost 20 minutes late due to the problems I mentioned, and noticed very few people online. Fortunately, I was already at the party venue, and already dressed.

Moe was already playing beautiful jazz, so Echo invited me to have the first dance. 🙂


Flaming Moe played for the first hour and a quarter of the party, playing jazz standards from the 40’s. For the occasion, Moe acquired a gorgeous black & white av, which put the whole affair over the top when combined with the amazing black and white venue — even b&w plants made for the occasion by Lilith Heart! — created by Bethy and Echo. (I love that scratchy film effect, too.)

My date for the evening, Catero Revolution, had trouble logging on, and even more trouble getting dressed, apparently. But, boy, did *that* turn out OK. 😉

Cat was a wonderful date, dapper in appearance, charming in conversation, and patient when I was stolen away by others or distracted in IMs. I spent the evening chatting with so many people; at one point I had about 12 IM windows all blinking (people who know me would say that this is just about Aenea Nirvana) with good wishes from the friends who were able to accompany me.

Moe’s music was wonderful, and he segued into DJing some 40s jazz. Lex got nekkid (sorry, kids, I didn’t catch a pic of that).

DJ Gaston Magneto began his set a few minutes late (due to the same login issues we all had had), and set everyone to dancing (and laughing, with his shouts of “Eeeeeekooooo!” and by mangling the pronunciation of my name — for God’s sake, how difficult is it to pronounce AH-neh-ah, especially for a Spanish speaker?).

By now more guests had arrived, and my friends from Jocosos (¡holas Anky, Karlita, Chip, Helix, Micross, Gaafis y hasta Nad por algunos instantes!) and from the Bluffs (hey Z, Hillary, Deb, Pato and Willow!) were there, and I was in general deliriously happy. 🙂

Thank you so much to everyone who came and made this evening so special for us. I hope everyone had a blast!

And finally, I can find no adequate words to thank my dear, dear sister Bethy for having done all this for us. The concept, motivation, organization and the beautiful venue (heck, even the dress I ultimately chose) were all her idea, and I couldn’t have dreamt about spending this day in such a fantastic occasion. I love you, sis!

I only wish there’d been more balloon animals. 😉

PS – All of these pics, plus a few more, are available in a photoset.