I’ve always been impressed by the things that Kisa Naumova makes happen in SL. She’s a truly creative mind inside the body of a coder (or something like that), and just seems to have a knack for unraveling problems that seem a bit intractable (especially to the technically inept, such as myself).

She figured out how to display Flickr photostreams in-world almost a year ago (I can’t find the original post, but I have the kit buried somewhere in my Objects folder, where it went when I couldn’t get it to work…), and recently updated it to build a Flickr wall that constantly updates based on the photostream. She used a similar technique to display text on a prim, as a workaround for the delay in the famous HTML-on-a-prim promise from the Lindens. I first learned about baked-in lighting (from an obsessive’s point of view) when she was building her Eyebeam gallery many months ago, and more recently she’s spoken about her efforts as an evangelist for SL and it’s educational uses at the Leeds Metropolitan University, where she works.

But I was really impressed today by the video where she demonstrates the technique she used to convert blueprints for her school’s building in a pdf to an Adobe Illustrator file to a script that automatically built the entire structure for her. While the subsequent texturing must have been a titanic job, at the very least she cut her build time significantly by “outsourcing” the actual prim placement to the script.

You can watch the video here (I don’t want to steal her thunder nor her bandwidth by posting it here).

After watching that, from a machinimist’s perspective, I can only say that she must be so relieved that she got all of that on the first take. 🙂