I haven’t written about fashion in ages, because I’ve gotten bored with my closet. I think, just like in RL, we sometimes come to a place where we just kind of frequent the same safe stores, and stick to a defined style in which we can refuse to take risks with our image.

But really, come on! It’s your second life. What is there to lose? 🙂

I’ve really not kept up with the fashion blogs as much lately as my blogroll has gotten filled with other types of feeds, and the generally poor writing and the drama that invariably seems to erupt has really gotten the better of me. At the moment, I don’t really trust any particular blog to feed me fashion that I know I’ll like or that will be from outside of even that particular blogger’s *own* list of “safe stores”.

The staples of my wardrobe for the past several months (checking my transaction history) are basically Last Call, ETD, Celestial Studios, Influence by Naughty, and Shiny Things. There is very little challenge in choosing these stores, some of the top retailers in SL. While some of the releases at Last Call can be very edgy, in general it’s all very safe stuff. To draw a simile, in RL I *love* shopping at unique little boutiques and enjoy finding those special, stand-out items; why wouldn’t I be doing the same thing in SL?

At the same time, some really incredible and talented new designers have come on the scene and just generally passed me by.

This smelled like a challenge, so I started drinking from the firehose that is Fashion World of SL a few days ago, and making a list of items that caught my eye, as well as jotting down some of the new stores I’d heard about and just hadn’t gotten around to visiting. And I mean literally jotting down: I made a long to-buy list in Google Docs (which I’m loving more and more) and checked off items as I flitted around the grid last night.

I call this “power shopping” — focused, dedicated and organized. No browsing, just get in, find the vendor, buy the stuff, and off to the next stop. 🙂 And wow, if you can pull it off, it’s *so* efficient..

Anyway, I got sidetracked by social commitments and only finished half my list, but I will definitely finish tonight or tomorrow. Here are a few finds:

Although quirky and a bit oddly primmed, I love the Lulu hair from Sand Shack Surf Co. with 4 different headbands, and held up with bobby pins in the back. Top is Trixie in pink from Celestial Studios. Gorilla Choker by Electric Jane’s in Amicita.

Funky Fringe Jacket in Olive, and Lulu Hair with tintable headband from Sand Shack Surf Co. Tintable cami by Pixeldolls. Lucas unisex capris in Earth from Saavy?. Warm and Natural Bangles from Woo’s. Gorilla Choker from Electric Jane’s. Shot at Kyoot/Angry Monkey. Pose is Rawr by Luth Brodie. And personal lighting by me (Aenea’s Fireflies).

I got sidetracked from taking more pics last night (damn you, Cat), so I’ll show more of the results of my power shopping spree in a later post.

P.S. – I finally used my brain for once last night. I’ve always hated the alpha conflict between my eyelashes and my bangs, especially since going blonde; when I see it, I just take the lashes off.

But I (finally) had a smarter idea: I first made a copy of my lashes, and then unlinked and edited the copy to delete the upper left-hand lash (in this case, because of the way the bangs lie). Relink, and then rename your new lashes to be “Leftward bang lashes” and you’re all set! No more alpha conflict, all the lashy goodness.

I’ve been in SL a whole year. Why did it take me so long to think this up? lol