My friends Kesari Uriza and Deb Strangelove invited me to the ZeroG Skydancers performance on Friday, 29 June, in commemoration of the Skydancers’ first year of performance, as well as for Second Life’s fourth birthday celebration. I was so excited for the opportunity to see it again, and I invited Bethy and Cat Revolution to come along.

As I’ve written before, the Skydancers represent for me one of the most creative artistic applications of the unique aspects allowed by our second life, and I’ve been drooling over the show since I saw it with Bombi last year, and bugging Deb regularly to let me know when another performance gets set up.

It’s unfortunate that due to the necessity of controlling lag in the sim, so few people get to actually experience the show in person. For me, this is one of those experiences which can renew anyone’s faith in the potential of Second Life.

But Gary Hazlitt, who made a quick video of the performance I saw last year, did a much more extensive machinima of this performance that really captures the feeling of being able to cam throughout this space to see all the details of the show. He shows a great deal of understanding of the motion of the dancers throughout the space, and his closeups of the dancers make me want to take part in the performance…

If you watch closely, I’m in a few of the audience shots… yay!!