Last week, Catero Revolution asked me for some help with a machinima for a blog post for Men’s Second Style on Disembodied Hand’s Steam Powered Industries’ Jump Boots. (Read it! It’s much better written than this one is.)

Cat’s initial request was for a simple ten-second demo shot of the boots in action. I told him it wouldn’t take long to shoot and put together, but I lied. He definitely turned to the wrong woman for assistance. :p

In my obsessive hands, it turned into a 75-second Major Production which entailed hours of editing, remixing the soundtrack, and learning the ins and outs of a new editing tool (Apple’s Final Cut Express HD, which in my opinion is God’s gift to filmmakers).

As always, better quality video is available (but unembeddable on at Vimeo.

To be honest, Final Cut (as well as the awesome track from the Kill Bill soundtrack) got my creative juices flowing. I wanted to make this much more like an action movie, and to convey the kineticism of the jumps through the editing; this was so much easier in FC than it was in iMovie that it’s not even funny.

As a final complaint, capturing sound in-world (the boots make an explosive sound when launching) is terribly difficult. I’m probably doing something wrong though.

So thanks to Cat for inspiring me to get back on the machinima wagon. I hope to soon finish editing the video I shot with Bethy almost two months ago; it should go quickly now that I’ve eloped with Final Cut…