I’ve seen amazing displays of creativity in SL lately, that make me *proud* to be a resi; the use of the medium of SL as a medium and an entertainment venue is maturing at a rapid pace. I’ll talk about another one this week (Greenies, which is making the rounds of the blog circuit), but I saw this machinima mentioned in SL Insider today and I find it another of those extraordinary things to which you can put this medium to use with enough creativity and inspiration.

Robbie Dingo is already well-known for his musical instruments in-world (I’ve enjoyed his Elven drum circle, as well as the angklung and other oriental instruments that ZeroOne has in Lappet), and created an amazing video last year of building the guitar for Suzanne Vega’s appearance in SL. I love that his machinimae are always about creating something (there’s that word again), as well as the technical skill on display.

But he topped himself with the build of this sim, in representation of Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, shown below:

The sim was on loan, and purpose-built specifically to create this image (you can’t visit it on the Grid anymore); it’s an amazing feat of vision on Robbie’s part. While the YouTube version I’m embedding below is of low quality, you can download better quality video from Robbie’s link above.

This continues on the theme I’ve hit on several times in previous posts, about the unique possibilities afforded by the environment in SL: the Skydancers, mrY Tully, Sabine Stonebender’s ZeroPoint (need to blog that one), the Greenies Home, Burning Life and this are all astounding examples of interactivity and immersion that could only exist in SL.