Cat, Bethy and I tp into a tunnel space under what appear to be floorboards. Lime green arrows on the ground point us in the right direction, as incoming avs tp in all around. We emerge next to what appears to be a mouse hole in the wall of a building. Poking our heads through the wall and through a door, we step into what appears to be an ordinary-sized, under-decorated living room with an unlit fireplace. But then we step out of the room, and turn to realize that the house we’d been in is merely a scaled-down dollhouse in the middle of an enormous room that absolutely dwarfs us. Immediately my sense of scale becomes distorted; I cam out a bit to what seems like an appropriate distance to take everything in, and I realize I’m *tiny*!

Cat and Bethy took me to visit the Greenies’ Home yesterday, although I’d seen pics of it several weeks ago on Torley’s Flickr stream. Bethy knew that it would appeal to me because it basically *smells* like Starax. In fact, the folks from Rezzable Productions appear to knowingly be playing with the mystery of whether Starax is in some way involved or not. The sim is in preview until the end of the month, when it will officially open to the public.

The whole idea is a massively scaled studio apartment that’s been invaded by Greenies — tiny alien visitors. Due to the scale of the build, your normally toweringly tall av (I’m 6’2″ in heels in SL 🙂 ) is rendered tiny as a… Greenie!

I’m in awe of the sense of space that this imparts on you when you actually experience it. I tend to feel that a single sim isn’t particularly large when you are trying to build it out, but this build feels huge. The use of vertical space (the walls are almost 120m high, and the entire building is constructed at 28:1 scale) is something I’ve never seen done so effectively in SL, and makes all the difference to the perception of the experience.

Most of the Greenies scenes were built in SL prehistory by an av named Light Waves (whose profile appears to be that of an alt, and may or may not have been Starax — hence the discussion of whether he-who-has-disappeared has returned), and have been integrated into the concept of the build. I assume that Light Waves participated in the building of the project in some way.

There is tremendous merit to having creativity and being able to create something like this. A good comment found on the article at SLHerald is that frequently this creativity gets stymied by the lack of funding; this project required a whole sim, with it’s corresponding tier payments.

So this makes me wonder: Is there a corporate sponsor behind this? I seem to recall an animated commercial relatively recently from Coca Cola (or was it a beer commercial?) that starred little green men, but I can’t be certain. But if I’m right, wouldn’t the fact that there’s a huge, very well-rendered depiction of a Coke bottle on the counter (and that this is the only real brand apparent in the entire sim; other branded items are joked up) perhaps be another hint as to who’s sponsoring this?

Even if it isn’t Coke behind this, it makes sense for these types of experiences to propagate in SL. The goodwill this generates and the challenge of exploring it are sure to make an impression on the avatars who visit (and undoubtedly most of the active avs will most likely visit at some point, given the buzz this sim has generated), and we’ll spend a couple of hours interacting with this experience (I’ve been back three times already). The sponsor’s investment could be well rewarded if they can tie in this experience with their brand, and I definitely think that the creation of rich content is a much more effective way to engage people (see: The L Word’s Orientation Island, Ben & Jerry’s, promotions for Die Hard 4, Transformers or 300) than many of the corporate sims that have been created so far (see: American Apparel, Excelsior (sorry!), etc.).