Following up on my last post, I guess I hadn’t thought this through fully. Chip and Karlita’s departure was sudden and a surprise last night, and set me on this train of thought.

But I’m losing or have lost several more friends from SL over the past months for any number of reasons that I didn’t highlight just because their departure was more gradual, and they deserve to be remembered as well. Although I understand that one can easily become disappointed in this second life, or that real life frequently will call us back, that doesn’t lessen the pain of losing people I’ve grown to care about when they do leave. SL goes on, and these losses are part of the evolution of that life as well as my first life.

I’m going to miss Anakin Gallacher, who’s been such an important part of my life this year, but I know that the journey on which he embarks now is going to be so good for him. Ani, I wish you the best of luck and happiness as you make your way; I know I want be the only one to miss the cloying sounds of your rendition of “Summertime”.

Flaming Moe embarks today on a *real* journey and a much-needed break from SL; hopefully he’ll decide to come back, so that I can get mileage out of my MoeHUD.

Bombi Zeluco is M.I.A., having taken an extended sudden leave of absence. I hope that someday she comes back, because her amazing spark made SL such an interesting and vivid place.

I also miss Christine Gallacher, whose departure dawned on me after weeks of absence; she had such spunk and knew music like no one’s business. I have her to thank for Amy Winehouse.

I’m sure there are others I’m missing, but looking back, even four losses this year seems so immense.

I thank all of you so much, wherever you are, for being my friends and for having enriched my life. I wish you the best in yours.