Dear SL,

Lately I’ve noticed that you’ve become so unavailable to me, unresponsive to even my most desperate attempts at communication. Don’t you understand the strain that your behavior is causing on our relationship?

You’ve become *so* clingy, you want me to stay in one place and never even leave. And when I try to leave, you tease me by just letting me out the door before dragging me back inside.

You won’t let me see my friends, and you’ll only barely let me see if they’re available to chat with. I can’t even read anything about my friends without you getting in the way.

You’ve taken away my money, and it makes me feel trapped. Even if I could buy something, it’s not like I could even enjoy it, since many times I can’t even see what I bought or it gets intercepted while being delivered. Furthermore, I can’t even search for anything or anybody without you standing in the way, and you’ve hidden all of my maps too.

I’m sorry. I really don’t know how much longer we can go on like this. I mean, I really *want* to like you, but when you get this way, frankly, you’re insufferable.

I hope you can see the error of your ways, and that we can work this out. I really want to make it work, but I have to look out for what’s best for me.

Please think about it. For us, ok?

Love, Aenea

P.S. — Man, SL sucked majorly last night.