Cat and I had a culturally-diverse and broad-ranging discussion last night, that helped me discover numerous sides of myself. Sort of.

(P.S.: I know that chatlog posts are both a) ways to cheat on actually writing a post, and b) boring for others who weren’t a part of the conversation, but hey! a) it’s my blog :), and b) I was in rare form last night πŸ™‚ Read it! It’s good for you!)

Cat: people have very bizarre sex-related problems
Cat: this i have learned
Aenea: lol
Aenea: other people, you mean.
Aenea: you are quite vanilla, i suppose?
Cat: pretty much. all standard. no whips. no scat. no orgies
Cat: come as you are, use what you’ve got
Aenea: lol
Cat: lol
Aenea: on that token
Aenea: bethy bought a flexivulva from xcite last night.
Aenea: the lips OPEN and CLOSE.
Aenea: it is truly the grossest thing to grace SL in all of known history.
Cat: hahahahaha!
Cat: i had to read that a few times before i got it. flexivulva?
Aenea: i have a pic which i’m debating posting to my flickr

Aenea: lol
Cat: LOL
Aenea: i made the word up, but it totally works πŸ™‚
Cat: i’m so proud of you for making up your own word
Aenea: lil ms. portmanteau.
Cat: πŸ˜€
Aenea: well
Aenea: it might actually be a sculptievulva with flexibits
Cat: LOL!!!
Cat: dare i ask how it opens and closes?
Aenea: but see that would be the trifecta:
Aenea: Paulie blowing you
Aenea: Lex sitting on a giant voodoo pede
Aenea: and sis wearing the flexivulva on her head.
Cat: LOL
Cat: well, if it actually covers her head no one will know its her in the photo
Aenea: i’ll make a point to point it out
Aenea: title, caption, notes.
Aenea: you know.
Aenea: tags! even.
Cat: lol
Cat: it’s all in good fun
Aenea: lol
Aenea: i will no longer be considered safe by the flickr editors
Cat: LOL
Cat: have you perchance stumbled across the SL Porn flickr group?
Aenea: i have not
Aenea: and i have actively deleted the porn stars from my contact list too
Cat: LOL!
Aenea: how many gigantohumongo antigrav boobs do i need in my stream?
Aenea: 1 is even too many.
Aenea: unfortunately, they come in pairs.
Cat: shai showed me the most … scary flickr photos ever. care to see?
Aenea: um… do i have a choice?
Aenea: lol shoot.
Cat: you always have a choice
Aenea: too late
Aenea: um… that’s scary
Cat: is it just me or does she have a default avi?
Aenea: what does it matter?
Aenea: it’s not like they’re looking at her face…..
Cat: i’ve seen a lot of bizarre stuff in sl. that’s in the top 5
Aenea: and the worst thing is
Aenea: somehow i stumbled across a mention of this in some blog
Aenea: probly vint’s a few weeks ago
Cat: really?!
Cat: lol
Aenea: well, there was this discussion of prim boobs, and i was like
Aenea: ok, i don’t get that
Aenea: how do they make the clothes go on?
Aenea: lol
Cat: yes!
Cat: what are the dynamics?
Aenea: so, out of curiosity
Aenea: i chase this particular one down
Aenea: prim clothes
Aenea: on prim boobs πŸ™‚
Cat: that is too much work
Aenea: but get this
Aenea: there’s actually a post on Jira
Aenea: requesting that the default polygons for avs
Aenea: be modded to allow for prim boobage
Aenea: lol
Cat: thats ridiculous
Aenea: i know πŸ™‚
Aenea: it was too amazing to be true πŸ™‚
Cat: i think the avatar mesh is cumbersome and limited. but the last thing it needs is more boob
Aenea: but if you’re so inclined, you could cast a vote for that issue πŸ™‚
Cat: nay
Aenea: you say that as a boobly man.
Cat: this is what i want to know … this particular user has invested a lot into prim boobs …
Aenea: oh yeah, i think they’re expensive too πŸ™‚
Cat: not only that, but she needs prim clothing to support it
Cat: all that work into your av to get it to look just the way you want …
Cat: and you still have the default shape? i don’t get it
Aenea: lol
Cat: but she has tried so hard to be different in every other way
Aenea: in the comments:
Aenea: The lighting in this one gives a soft and squishy effect I think the way it spreads over the prims making them look a little uneven and less firm. Interesting result. Cuddly hehe
Cat: omg
Cat: O.O
Cat: if i find out those boobs squirt milk i think i’m gonna be sick
Aenea: lol, i think that’s part of the fetish πŸ™‚
Cat: a friend showed me once something she found on slexchange …
Cat: it was like those spamming baby bellies, but it was a menstrual cycle attachment
Aenea: lol i’m looking for prim boobs on slexchange now
Aenea: omg
Aenea: what does it do?
Aenea: “you feel a cramp coming on”
Cat: i can’t remember. i think it spams you about your cramps and flow
Aenea: lol
Aenea: omg
Cat: i’ve never been able to find it again… it was called tantra or something
Aenea: ok, do you agree with me that that would be a dead giveaway that an av is played by a guy?
Aenea: lol
Aenea: like um… second life… hello?
Cat: you mean mel yeuxdeux?
Aenea: well, i meant the period simulation
Aenea: but yeah πŸ™‚ it’d work for her too
Cat: i have no idea how period spam is useful in second life
Aenea: lol
Aenea: the very fact it could exist means it is for some kind of freak πŸ™‚
Aenea: wait, here’s a thought:
Aenea: i could sync aenea up with *my* cycle!
Aenea: omg
Aenea: it would be SO cool!
Aenea: we’d be like best friends!!
Cat: ohlord
Aenea: omg
Aenea: lol
Aenea: um
Aenea: NOT
Cat: the world just turned itself upside down for a moment
Aenea: lol why?
Cat: menstrual sync from avatar-to-human?
Cat: you should write to nasa in sl and ask them to monitor you and draw up the mathematical calculations
Aenea: lol
Aenea: i’m so sad i can’t find that on slexchange
Cat: lol. i’ve never been able to find it again
Aenea: omg
Aenea: i just found it
Aenea: lol
Aenea: lol
Cat: link meeeeee! lol
Cat: how did you find it?
Aenea: O
Aenea: M
Aenea: G
Aenea: lol
Cat: ideas are very easily implanted in your brain, i notice
Cat: link me, ae
Aenea: need to uncensor adult crap
Cat: lol
Aenea: hahahaha
Aenea: omg
Aenea: look at the pic

Aenea: lol
Aenea: hahahahahaha
Aenea: i’m peeing myself
Aenea: lol
Aenea: tantra condom hud
Aenea: omg
Aenea: and read the REVIEW
Aenea: lol
Cat: can you buy this as a gift? colleen would be getting one.
Aenea: i bet you could
Aenea: hahahahahaah
Cat: exploring fertility in SL?!?!?!?!?!?
Cat: i gotta send this to haver
Aenea: hahahahaha
Aenea: omg
Aenea: yes
Aenea: lol
Aenea: wtf?
Aenea: don’t explore Straylight… don’t just sit there…
Aenea: lol
Cat: LOL
Cat: was that 600L?
Aenea: and the HOME PREGNANCY test
Aenea: lol
Aenea: yes
Cat: rofl!
Cat: i’m glad to see you are enjoying it
Aenea: omg
Aenea: i would buy it as a joke
Aenea: but 600L? and validate the creator?
Aenea: lol
Aenea: omg no
Cat: hahahahaha
Aenea: i DO NOT want my name on that creator’s customer list
Aenea: unfortunately, this is the ONLY item that Tex offers :/
Aenea: i’m so disappointed that his genius hasn’t been exploited for anything else
Aenea: lol
Cat: do you wonder why? that has been up there for a while. since the beginning of the year at least
Aenea: i would like to see his advanced thinking on
Aenea: lol
Cat: this is such an enlightening conversation. right up there with the rhino handjobs
Aenea: and the MILK FRESHNESS TESTING HUD for your Prim Fridge.
Aenea: hahahahaha
Cat: ew, aenea!
Aenea: hahaha i couldn’t think of other options
Aenea: breast pumping?
Aenea: um
Aenea: cracked nipples?
Aenea: come and get it!
Cat: i’m gonna be sick
Aenea: enjoy the pleasures of prim motherhood
Aenea: lol
Cat: too bad google talk doesnt have a barfing emote
Cat: i dunno. probably. gmail is pretty basic
Aenea: hey, don’t knock it
Aenea: it’s the first place i learned about my new
Cat: the nostalgia
Aenea: yes, cat
Aenea: I’m a TOTAL WOMAN now
Aenea: hear me roar
Cat: i’m sorry you found that
Aenea: NOW will you SLEX me?
Aenea: lol
Aenea: hahahahahaha
Aenea: i feel a bout of fertility coming on
Aenea: hahahahahahaha
Cat: LOL!
Cat: my throat is starting to hurt from laughing
Aenea: /me pees herself
Aenea: lol
Aenea: hahahaha me too
Cat: did you crack into the tequila this eve?
Aenea: i’m going to wake santi up
Aenea: lol
Aenea: NO, just my
Cat: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Aenea: it must be my TANTRIC HORMONES taking over
Aenea: lol
Aenea: omg
Aenea: hahaaha
Cat: i wonder what virtual hormones look like
Aenea: like tiny dimpled spheres.
Cat: rofl
Cat: lmfao
Aenea: yay
Aenea: lol
Aenea: brought to you by
Aenea: the amazing
Aenea: now with built-in ABSURDITY!!
Aenea: lol
Aenea: wait
Aenea: should we post this chatlog to the item’s discussion? πŸ™‚
Aenea: omg that would be the awesomest thing EVAR
Aenea: lol
Cat: hahahaha
Cat: overruled!
Aenea: ok
Aenea: you’re no fun πŸ™‚ mr serious
Cat: i know. i got you worked up
Aenea: you should get yourself your total woman hud
Aenea: to feel more complete
Cat: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Aenea: and bask in the glow of post-pregnancy hormones πŸ™‚
Aenea: lol you know you want it…
Cat: /me takes a deep breath to recover
Aenea: you’d start taking all your snapshots in sl with HUDs included just to show it off
Aenea: lol
Cat: i bet paulie would appreciate it
Aenea: hahahaha
Aenea: it is absolutely Paulie
Aenea: lol
Cat: we’ll collect 100L from 6 ppl and get it for him
Aenea: what about the ones for Coll and bethy πŸ™‚
Cat: she can sync it with her sculptywomb
Aenea: flexivulva!!
Aenea: omg, don’t you know ANYTHING about anatomy?
Aenea: lol
Cat: the conversation comes full circle!
Aenea: lol
Aenea: hahahaha
Aenea: this has been the funniest discussion i’ve had in weeks
Aenea: i was even crying there for a bit
Aenea: but i’m ok now
Aenea: lol
Aenea: wait, i’ma save that to my wishlist
Aenea: lol
Aenea: i don’t want to lose it
Aenea: i feel a blog post coming on.
Aenea: the humorous blog post will just roll off my fingertips
Aenea: hello 300 readers a day, here i come!
Aenea: whee!
Cat: i’m glad to see you have found inspiration
Aenea: i needed my
Aenea: for that.