Crossposted from Bethy’s EB Creations blog:

Xenius Revere’s Scifi Alpha prefab skyboxes are 216m of sculptie goodness, blended into a sci-fi style habitation that will fit neatly on the average (mythical) plot of First Land.

The entrance hallway extends from the airlock toward the cozy bedroom, which is separated by a partition from the elevated living area. The living area has built-in seating for about seven avs, with shelves on several sides to decorate it with the tiny details that make a home. Make no mistakes, this is a tiny, cozy space, but at 92 prims you’ll have a well turned-out home where you can entertain and decorate. The texturing and baked-on lighting bring out the realistic feel of the skybox, and make it feel a bit larger than it is.

Xen has created several different styles of texturing of the base structure to fit a variety of tastes, from a clinical all-white cube straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey,

to a sumptuous glam-red lounge-like area,

to designs with a more industrial feel of rust and decay. The blue lighting in the floor and ceiling of the Alpha 2 could be straight out of Battlestar Galactica, making it the one with the most cinematically accurate feel.

There are a few issues with seams where the prim edges meet, and you *know* that cozy is a euphemism for really tiny. Also, the skybox will require you to build it a landing area if you ever plan to actually get in through the doorway, but these are minor details when talking about a build of this quality. There are also rumors of a “girly” version in the works, which may be a bit warmer in its decor than the mostly masculine dècored versions available at present.

Xen has built a successful business with his Maya experience and scuptie awesomeness. With these skyboxes, the in-demand work that he’s been doing for large scale corporate customers through the Electric Sheep Company is now available to the average avatar for L$5000.

Xen’s store YEP! is at Luxe Island (SLURL).