Roslin Petion released her new line of Vivant hybrid skins last week, completely replacing Tête à Pied’s prior collection of skins. The skins come in a range of 16 skin collections or themes, each with six skin colors with three makeup styles each.

I’ve never been a fan of TaP’s skins before, because I’d found them to be overly soft and didn’t seem to highlight one’s features. While many raved about Ros’s makeups, I found them bland precisely because of the lack of underlying features.

Catero had told me that the new line of skins that Ros was preparing for release would change my mind, but I remained a skeptic. Until yesterday.

Bethy and I went to see the new TaP skins while in the midst of a marathonic shopping spree (she’s such a terrible influence on me). About an ninety minutes later, after trying on an amazing number of demos, I staggered out the door with three new skins. Now, you may say that’s not many at all, but I’m the most reticent girl in SL when it comes to new skins, and have to date been very loyal to my ND Alina skin and more recently to Lovey Darling’s Chai in Peach (albeit under extreme duress).

So what convinced me to finally give in? First off I must admit that, at L$500 per skin, the thought of making a mistake in your decision is not so painful. The (frankly more reasonable) price suddenly converts purchasing a skin from being a Major Decision, to being a fashion accessory, somewhat equivalent to an expensive outfit from any of my favorite stores.

The Vivant Sultry in Bronze 3 looks a lot like my standard Alina skin in terms of the makeup, but a bit lighter on the eyeshadow. I have to compliment Ros’s excellent eyebrows, which meet my extremely exacting standards: I love that you can see individual hairs when you zoom in, and the shaping is gorgeous — they start and end in the right places (is that *really* so hard?). The eyeshadow is — appropriately — sultry, and really sets off my eyes. I really love the lips as well, as they have sensuous shine and are perfectly shaped, with a cute, soft cupid’s bow.

I do find with this skin that a little of the soft features from the previous skins are still evident, and I feel like my face is a little undefined; I think the cheeks could probably use a bit more shading to highlight my facial structure. This will probably be the skin I wear the least out of the trio.

This is the Vivant Natural Bronze 3. Finally I got my wish for some freckles which are well defined, and just cute. I love Starley’s Vogue skins with freckles, but frankly they seem a bit overdone, and the freckles begin to seem like major splotches once you get down to the body. Not all the Natural line comes with freckles (I believe only one of the makeup options per skin color has it), but the combination of the fresh makeup — almost no eyeshadow and soft glossy lips — and the freckles really blew me away on this one. I love the blush on the cheeks as well. This will be a great skin for my dress-down days…

The Vivant Basic Nude in Chestnut 3 is my favorite of all the skins I bought. The warmth of the skin together with the beautiful makeup just screams glamour. I think this is one of the best looking black skins I’ve seen in world, and maybe even one of the best skins period. I wish the lips were a bit more notorious, but I can live with them… 🙂

So far I’ve focused on the faces and the makeup, but the body detailing is outstanding — a quantum leap over the previous skins. I really like the knees and the abdomen’s shading, the back and butt are fine, while the feet are acceptable — as good as can be expected in SL.

You’ll have to take my word for it, but the nipples are well drawn and, well, womanly. TaP offers a number of options for pubic hair on the underwear layer separately in the store, so you can choose the right one for your taste. The skins come nude as the default option.

In sum, I’m very impressed with this release. These are excellent skins to add to your collection, and the fair price makes them reachable for almost any av in SL. The makeups are in general more conservative than the makeup Starley’s been offering on the Deviant skins or even on the Vogues, but I’m sure that Ros is working up to more extravagant releases for those who look for that in a skin. For the price, you can afford to try a few and see how they feel on you.