I *finally* completed the machinima I wrote about back in… ::looks around sheepishly:: um, May. I would work on it in spurts over the weeks when I had dead time, but I never really sat down and committed to finishing it until this past weekend (just in time for Bethy to get home from vacation… wb Sis!!).

Bethy and I shot this in Devil’s Moon, a sim that’s SO atmospheric it just begs for machinima. Its industrial/post-apocalyptic feel somehow perfectly fits the track that Bethy suggested.

the city feels clean this time of night just empty streets
and me walking home to clear my head
i know it came as no surprise
i’m affected more than i had guessed on what was said

Technically, this was more difficult/challenging to put together. We made extensive use of my Filming Path HUD for the tracking shots; the duration and distance of these shots meant that there was occasional rubberbanding, and the ever-present threat of the sim’s auto-return deleting my waypoints. I reedited the song down to a more manageable length in Audacity, so as to keep the viewer from falling asleep. And I continued learning Final Cut Express, which makes precise editing possible, and even (almost) fun.

As you can tell, the technical challenges of learning my tools are almost more fun for me than actually finishing the end result. Sue me, I’m a geek. 🙂

So, anyway, here it is:

As always, the higher quality version (especially helpful in this case because of the darkness of the video) is available at Vimeo.