I visited the wheat field this weekend, and had the opportunity to meet its creator, AM Radio. I’d been seeing beautifully desolate pics appear on Flickr for a couple of weeks, and then saw the link to its location on Bettina Tizzy’s profile.

Photo from Torley Linden’s Flickr stream

Bettina’s blog, NPIRL, has become one of my favorite SL reads recently, because it tackles a topic dear to my heart — the promotion of artists who use SL as a medium to create art and experiences that are only possible here in Second Life (i.e. Dancoyote Antonelli or Starax).

AM’s build is solemn and beautiful, and it reminds me of the feeling I used to have when I lived in the midwest as a girl and the thunderstorms rolled in over the plains (where I lived it was corn on the ground, but the sky still looked like distilled fury). There is a touch of whimsy in the table set for two, with a view to the fields or to the sea, which is tempered by the forlorn old locomotive waiting to rust apart in the field.

AM apparently built this on a whim on one of IBM’s private sims, and Bettina rescued it by donating her land for him to relocate. As a result of its sudden popularity, AM has started a campaign to raise money for Heifer International toward buying a cow for a family in poverty. Donors can purchase one of several replicas of the wheat field ranging from L$1000-3000 (from the base field, to the field with the locomotive or an old rusted Ford), and AM will contribute the money raised to Heifer.org.

I bought a wheat field which will be my new skybox. I already love the juxtaposition of the wheat field with my photosphere.