To the two readers who still follow this Second Life-cum-Radiohead blog:

I got my download today, and I’m about to sync it to my iPod (in other words, I HAVE YET TO LISTEN TO IT. Am I weird?). But, as you may have picked up from previous music-related posts, I am extremely anal about what goes into my iPod. The fact that this album has no cover art has impeded me from actually syncing it.

So I made my own cover. There was no creativity involved, just freely sampling from the imagery on the In Rainbows site. But for the completists like me out there, this is a pleasant alternative to the slightly more gaudy image that was suggested here.

which is downloadable here.

And finally, people with *actual* talent posted some great alternatives here.

Why “second-to-last post”? I’ll undoubtedly have something to say when I actually get around to listening to the thing. 🙂

Postscript – Some of the covers at the Hicks Design link were so good that I ended up using different images on each song 🙂