A/me dusts off this blog, looks around, and thinks it’s cozy enough to settle in for a stretch.

Hey there!! Happy New Year!!

This is not my real look, but I really like this picture :)


Most of my activity lately has been on Twitter, which is my new sideline obsession and which is excerpted in the sidebar of this blog (yeah, down there, around the posts from October?). Thanks to Gwyneth Llewelyn, who posted the wonderful link to a UK Telegraph writer’s predictions for 2008; Second Life figures prominently.

February: The population of Second Life passes that of the entire continent of Africa. An independence movement argues that control of the servers should be handed over to participants in the game. Mobs of angry avatars besiege in-game branches of Gap and American Apparel.

Linden Lab, owners of the game, denounce the “cyber-terrorists” and cancel their accounts, impounding their imaginary assets. They are sued for restraint of trade, theft of intellectual property, and human rights breaches. The accounts are reinstated, and Linden Lab signs over control of the game to the rebels.

Their leader declares himself President of Second Life, and promises to hold free elections. Asked at an online press conference about the timing of the elections, President Dude-Mom-Later’s avatar turns into a bee.

 Later in the year, we again come to bear on the world stage:

June: Based on its real-world GDP, its “soft power” and its popularity, Second Life is admitted to the G8, displacing Canada. The virtual world sends a purple woman with a narwhal horn, a leather basque and improbably large breasts to the summit.

Second Life joins the World Trade Organisation and Nato. “The EU is for pussies,” its ambassador says in a curiously floaty voice.

/me wonders if the “improbably large breasts” are perhaps *sculpty* breasts? (Unfortunately, I can’t find the link Catero passed me for actual humongous sculptie breasts on OnRez. They were rather impressive.)

And finally, the belligerent segment of the Second Life population finally takes on WoW:

November: […] Azeroth, imaginary setting of the online fantasy game World of Warcraft, declares war on Second Life. “Bring it, dwarf,” says Second Life’s ambassador. “You think you all that, with your red beard and your Mithril Meat-hammer, but you ain’t. We bad nasty.”

Treaty obligations signed in the summer oblige Nato forces to launch a tactical strike on World of Warcraft’s Northern European servers. An estimated 100,000 people in Sweden are fatally irradiated. Azeroth is destroyed.

YAY!! And so Second Life’s plan for world domination comes to fruition at last.

Am I a geek because I laughed so much at that? 🙂