The fashionably-correct thing to say these days is that I finally got in to the Last Call sale. But more truthfully, I finally bothered to try to go, and at 9SLT on a Wednesday there were only 31 people in the sim, so I had no problem at all and shopped with relatively little lag.

I haven’t written about fashion on this blog for a while. I used to be deeply passionate about Ginny’s clothes, and I’d visit Last Call maybe once a week to pick up the new releases. It was a love-hate relationship — in my transaction stats, for the longest time Ginny was the largest recipient of my lindens, and the vast majority of my clothing inventory (and I assume, of many other women’s) was created by her. There was also always something about Ginny’s av which grated me (yes, I know, it’s a silly sensation, but Ginny’s face always looked so *smug* in her ads…).

That feeling never got in the way of the enjoyment which I got from her work. What truly was important was the amazing quality and the breadth of the creativity that she displayed week after week. Her output was truly amazing in design and quality, and unmatched in volume by any other designer in SL to date.

I was of course mentally conscious that Ginny has left us. Last night, though, as I browsed the racks, I was struck by a feeling of nostalgia and melancholy that I was totally unprepared for from actually being in the store looking at the posters one last time, and knowing that there will never be any more new releases. Seeing the incredible display of her craft in Photoshop and Lightwave which defined the bleeding edge of fashion in SL, and which in a sense expressed her personality as I knew her. It was also touching to interact with her once again, enjoying the last bit of art which she created in her life. To know that this was the last time I’d be grated by her av 😉 , even as I clicked on that Buy button just one more time, seemed somehow fitting.

I never met Ginny, but she always made Aenea look good. Visits to Last Call were a part of my slife — almost a rite of passage and of having grown up as an av: Last Call always meant dressing up in grown-up clothes.

There is something in that any artist will always be remembered by the oeuvre they leave behind. I was happy that Ginny’s partner decided to make these final sales transfer, for now I know that Ginny’s work will be passed from one person to another, enjoyed by many, perpetuating her legacy and impact on SL fashion.