So last night, after Catero left me at Armidi in Bethy’s highly-qualified, yet Armidi-overwhelmed hands ;), Puma tp’ed Miko Omegamu, who was highly inebriated, and Miko proclaimed we had to have an “underpants” party.

So I made a careful investment in Armidi dainties (the latest release of which are positively gorgeous), in which we then danced in the middle of the store to the delight and/or annoyance of many, I’m sure.

Suddenly, the theme of the party changed to “what you looked like as a noob”. We all dug deep in our inventory to find our old shapes, hair, clothes and skins. Amazingly enough, I managed to recreate what I looked like at about week 2 of my SL experience, which I honestly found quite appalling to relive. Here, then, are never-before-seen pictures of Aenea v1, decked out in my old shape (named, appropriately enough, “new shape”), a CS Charmed skin (o.O the makeup!), old Lost Thereian hair, Mynx shoes, and my first non-freebie outfit from Nyte ‘n’ Day (back when she was still in the same sim as ETD). There is no better evidence than this of how much creators and quality have improved over the past 1.5 years.

Sidenote: If you weren’t meant to blog your moments of embarassment, what did God invent blogs for? 🙂

My regular 2am tp arrived to see something Spiral Walcher had built, a pose that replicated the look of a frog in his amazing (and still-under-construction) Rezzable build. Now that I think of it, that pose could also be easily mistaken for something of a more sexual nature.

And THEN. Then I realized that in the process of upgrading my Huddles this weekend, I’d not only lost all the no-copy AO poses I had from Outrider, but I’d also lost ALL of my no-copy Sine Wave dances. I cried and gnashed my teeth, opened and closed and reopened my inventory, inspected my old Huddles, but they’re all gone. 😦 That means I’m out about L$5000 in purchased dances, which is a huge bummer for a dance-a-holic like me. WHY OH WHY do creators insist on making no-copy, no-transfer items such as poses or animations (which are intangible and can easily disappear into the SLether)? Yes, I know, so that clubs can’t use make copies to use in multiple dance balls or whatever. But that is bad policy for regular people like myself.

So I wrote up a very nice notecard for the Sine Wave people, asking them if they could possibly serve a replacement, and gave all of the relevant transaction data. (Sidenote #2: ALWAYS download your transaction history every month!) Of course, after I’d sent it I read the tiny letters in the customer service person’s profile that said they won’t replace any items lost due to bugs or errors in third party software, which seems like a giant cop-out. So I’m not sure how it’ll work out.

I still haven’t received a response, so I don’t know what tack they’ll take on it. I hope it works out for the best, because otherwise I’m not buying anything else from them ever. I’ll just do the freebie rave dance everywhere I go, or bum off of others’ chimeras. 🙂

SO. Not in bed early, but through no fault of my own. 🙂