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A few months ago, Bethy and her partner, Kafka Dinzeo (aka Mic Rocka in RL) asked me to make a video for them of one of Kafka’s songs. As has been apparent in my output, it took me a couple of months to have the time to finish editing it.

Remixing Lily Allen’s “Littlest Things”, Kafka overlaid it with a lovely, heartfelt rap which shows the enormous talent which has garnered him a loyal following in SL.

Roslin Petion of Fleur was so kind to allow us to film on her sim for most of the shots, and we did Kafka’s individual shots at one of his concerts at The Gentlemen’s Club and on a set I built on our sim.

I’m really proud of how this video turned out. 🙂

Technical info: Most of the tracking shots were made with the Filming Path HUD, but toward the end of the shoot I discovered Joystick Flycam, which is in my opinion the coolest hidden toy in SL at the moment; the extremely smooth shots of Kafka and the dance were shot this way. (I intend to write up a tutorial on using Flycam sometime soon.) I captured with FRAPS in Windows as usual, and edited in Final Cut Express on my iMac.