My friend Nadir has started a blog which is as profuse with words as any normal chat with him could be in SL. It’s a bit dizzying to read (and it’s in Spanish — this post is just to appease any remaining English language subscribers I may still have 🙂 ). It makes me want to ask him to slow down, explain himself, and use small words (just like I do when we talk in person).

His latest post talks about the distractions that we use to fill up whatever remaining “leisure” time we have left. For him, it’s GTA4 (um, Grand Theft Auto has a 4?) and his PS3 and some leftover time for SL.

What’s kept me away from SL for most of the last month and a half (aside from the traveling and the family things) is my most favoritest show ever, the new Battlestar Galactica. It has killed Lost for me, superseded however much I ever loved the Sopranos, and my friends know that I was a confirmed addict.

In March, my friend Killian introduced me to Surf the Channel, a most dangerous time sink if there ever was one (especially for someone who lives in a country where most of these shows aren’t on cable here, or show up months-to-years later). I started watching Lost there, a movie or two, then a bit of Sex and the City, and then, out of curiosity, I stumbled onto BSG.

I was *riveted*.

Yes, I know I’m a geek (um, you read me because you play Second Life, right? Mhmm. Just checking.), but hear me out:

This is awesome drama. Don’t let the sci-fi thing throw you. The show attacks politics, religion, culture, relationships, family. It takes on everything that TV is afraid to talk about and, by couching it in a sci-fi scenario, makes it something we can explore without taking offense. The writing is exceptional, theactors are brilliant and, in most cases, beautiful to look at, too.

It’s taken me about a month or so of late nights to work my way through the first three seasons (and in the process also become *intimately* familiar with Chinese video-sharing sites like and Tudou when STC gets a bit too overwhelmed to feed my addiction), watching one or two episodes a night.

Now that I’ve finally caught up with the real world (the show is halfway through its fourth and final season now), my routine has changed. I watch a Season 4 episode, and then I download Ron Moore’s podcast/producer’s commentary track, which I listen in the car on my way to work or while running errands. I love the depth that it adds, especially as the show keeps throwing me increasingly hard with surprises. I savor each episode as I feel it on my palate. This is the way (good) television should be experienced.

So. That’s where I’ve been. I’m almost caught up to the airdate (only three episodes to go), which violates my cardinal rule for enjoying television on the internet: *never* start watching a series til it’s already aired most of its season. Now I’m going to have to wait til the fall or maybe even next year to see how this show ends.

I will most likely die in the meantime. Or maybe even log into SL.

PS – This is another of those posts that has nothing to do with SL, but I desperately needed to write a loveletter to this show for those who haven’t seen it. We now return you to your occasional regular programming.