Recently I have been hit with an undeniable urge to make movies. In Second Life.

Why Second Life? Life’s more interesting there 🙂 You can be anything, make anything, go anywhere, all in the blink of an eye. In a sense, it’s a filmmaker’s dream.

Also, the camera’s easier to handle, no need to change tapes or anything, and the camerawork tends to be less shaky. Also, you get almost instant satisfaction of actually making the thing come together.

Mostly my videos are in the form of music videos, because I love music, and I have more fun that way 🙂

I’ve written a tutorial on machinima on OS X that I’m rather proud of that distills my weeks of experience in the area. All of my posts on machinima on this blog are tagged as such, and available here.

Other sites that were helpful as I got started were Moo Money’s blog, the Alt-Zoom Studios page, and other tidbits scattered around the web.

2 thoughts on “Machinima”

  1. William phelan said:

    There is an excellent software program comparable to fraps for Macintosh
    Called Ishowu by shiny white box that enables saving in the MOV format
    Which is QuickTime and IMovie compatible. It also captures audio and has
    One click uploading to Facebook, YouTube, etc. Do you know if you use boot camp
    In a Mac if that exposes it to all the current windows viruses that don’t affect
    The Mac? Enjoyed your tutorial. I have a recent machinima on my facebook
    Page created in my kitely sim, invisiland created with Ishowu. If you care to
    Check it out.

    Cheers William Phelan

    • Thank you William. I haven’t been active in SL lately and much less with machinima. I’ve heard of ishowu as a good option for screen captures though. It wasn’t available when I wrote this, and I *definitely* need to upgrade my iMac in order to even log into SL anymore.

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